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Call Centre Connect

Does your business need to get serious about the features that it requires in it's call centre?

With Siptrix Systems Call Centre Connect:


Call centre manager's will benefit from the advanced reporting features, including:

Report customisation, filtering, and scheduling

Complete status breakdown by agent

Detailed call traffic analysis

Live, customisable wallboards updated in real-time

Quality service level solution for all small businesses:

Your small or medium size business can now install a professional calling experience with all the features & functionality of a very successful call centre.


It's now affordable and an easy way to manage your agents and callers, whether you need only one queue or want the ability to scale up at anytime.

Simple agent management provides very timely results:

Siptrix Systems Call Centre Connect offers an in-depth overview of call centre members, including their status, role, assigned queues, and skills.


The managers can view all events that have occurred on the queue and compare agent performance within queues or across agents, plus they can quickly assign skills to members with a single click for skills-based routing.


Agents, queues, and call centre environments can be set up and managed directly in the app, keeping it simple for your business.

Detailed live reporting now at your fingertips in real time with Siptrix Systems call centre connect.

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