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Features - Calls

The calls view provides details about calls which are in progress at the user's devices or softphone. Where available, users will be able to control the call directly from the screen.

Dial pad:

The dial-pad is available when the user's devices are idle or can be toggled on during a call to enter DTMF when accessing voicemail or other interactive services.

Number can be entered via mouse clicks, touch screen (hardware allowing) or by simply using the keyboard's number pad while the dial-pad is on screen.

The History area provides details off all calls which you have been involved in, this will include calls made/received on any of your phone system devices.

Outgoing calls and incoming calls which were answered are displayed in black, missed incoming calls are displayed in red.

Depending on the type of call, the icon and font colour will vary:





To redial any call in the history, simply click on the call icon on right of the history entry.

Filtering & Searching:

The filter icon above the history lists provides a quick way to switch between different call types; All Calls (Default), Missed, Dialled & Received.

The search bar at the top of the application can also be used to filter the history items displayed in the grid, just enter 3 or more numbers/characters to initiate a search.

Recording Playback:

If call recording is enabled on your system, any calls that were recorded should be displayed in the history with a play icon just before the call icon on the right of the entry. Clicking on this icon will launch your default browser with a URL which takes you directly to the Call Session view for this call.

From the call session view you can view additional information about the call and also play back any recordings associated with the call.

Contact Matches:

If an external call is in progress, any contact matches made by will be shown to the user on the calls view. Users can then access specific contact information by clicking on the 'Info' tab or directly open a CRM record for the contact if the screen-pop option is displayed.

Live Call List:

If there is more than one call at a user's devices the 'Live Calls' list will be exposed. This provides details of all the calls the user is involved with.

When in softphone mode, users can switch easily between calls using the primary call control option for each call in the list.

outgoing call.png
incoming call.png
missed call.png

Outgoing call



Incoming call



Missed call   


                            Unanswered call (an incoming call that was answered by someone else, but not by you)

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