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Connect Desktop
Features - Making Calls

Connect provides users with easy ways to make phone calls, speeding up the process of setting up calls.

Search or dial:

Telephone calls can be made directly from the 'Search or dial' text box. Simply enter a phone number (internal or external) then press the ENTER key or click the call icon to the right of the text box:

Dialing Contacts:

Any of the users visible on the Contacts section can be dialled easily, either by pressing the call icon next to the user (becomes visible on mouse over), or by just double-clicking the user.

Highlight & dial:

To help dial telephone numbers in other applications that have not been formatted with one of the supported dialling protocols, the Highlight & Dial keyboard shortcut can be used.

Simply highlight a number in another application, then invoke the keyboard shortcut (default Ctrl-D) to dial the number.

Dialing protocols:

Telephone calls can be made directly from websites or applications that are using one of the dialling protocols available. Where implemented, telephone numbers should appear as link:

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