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Connect Desktop
Features - Notifications

Connect generates Windows Notifications for all telephone calls a user is involved in. Each notification is designed to provide useful information about the call and where appropriate, actions that provide control over the call.

Notifications will stay on the screen while the call is present at a user's device. They will disappear automatically when a call clears down or can be manually hidden by clicking anywhere within the notification body.

Incoming Calls:

Incoming call notifications provide phone number, contact name of the caller alongside route path and queue information if available. This allows users to know who is calling them before they answer the phone.

Connected/Outgoing Calls

Outgoing and connected call notifications will provide the user with the option to end the call from the notification in addition to the call details:

Missed Calls

If any incoming calls are not answered, a missed call notification will be generated. Missed call notifications only stay on the screen for a short amount of time before auto hiding. At this point they will be visible within the Windows Notification Center.

Missed calls can be easily called back by pressing the 'Return Call' button on the notification.

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