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SIPTRIX SYSTEMS is your end-to-end, voice & data, provider & partner.

With internet & business phone systems, it's time to now make the switch to


Use SIP technology with Siptrix Systems to supply your company's
telecommunication systems.

Experience the complete telecommunication solution with Siptrix Systems, meticulously tailored to fulfill all your organizational needs.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any business environment, our solutions are not only comprehensive but also effortlessly deployable.

Unlock the power of Siptrix Systems' Yealink Cloud Phone System, Call Centre Connect, SIP Phone Lines, SIP Calling, and ultra-fast UFB internet access – all neatly consolidated into one user-friendly monthly account.


Our commitment is to simplify the complexities, providing you with an easily comprehensible overview of your telecommunication requirements.


Elevate your communication game with Siptrix Systems – where simplicity meets sophistication.



If you want the full range of features associated with a voice PBX service, but don't want the cost and hassle of hosting it on-premise.


Siptrix's Systems Yealink Cloud Phone System offers a comprehensive, feature-rich phone system that will keep your business humming.


If you are running a large company that requires dedicated speed.  In that case, you need proper uncontended pipes.

This is where the fibre that you get is uncontended (not shared with anyone else), between you and our data centre - making it the fastest possible connection that you will ever get.


You can then purchase extra Internet bandwidth from our data centre to the Internet, or use the fibre as part of a WAN service to other locations that you may have.


UFB Business Broadband offers affordable, flexible and high-performing fixed internet connectivity options, delivered over fibre to grow as your demand for internet does.


With an country wide network and an professional team to supply and support, Siptrix Systems is a magnificent internet provider for businesses that are after quicker streaming for video or conferencing or faster upload/download speeds for many users.


Siptrix Systems SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) phone lines enable your Yealink desk-phone to send & receive calls via the internet.


This makes a huge difference from just relying on your old copper wires for your business communication needs.


By using SIP, your existing network cables carry multimedia signals for voice communications, instant messaging, and video conferencing etc.


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.


Introducing Siptrix Systems – Your ultimate end-to-end voice and data partner. Proudly serving companies throughout New Zealand, we stand as a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated enterprise.

Our seasoned team, armed with over two decades of expertise in delivering top-notch telecommunication services, brings you a comprehensive technology package.


This package comprises an amalgamation of ultra-fast broadband, dedicated fiber, SIP voice services, and state-of-the-art Yealink cloud phone systems.

What sets us apart is our commitment to local connections. With our entire company based right here in New Zealand, rest assured, you'll connect with a friendly local expert every day of the week.


Elevate your communication experience with Siptrix Systems – where expertise meets a touch of Kiwi warmth.


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