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Do your staff need the features of a phone system on there mobile phone?

Flexible working:


Our mobile app is a software addon for your Cloud PABX platform that can be used on any Apple or Android mobile device. Physical handsets aren’t required, so you can leave your handset at the office and stay connected.

Cost savings with quick and easy set up:

Those that prefer no handsets can save on upfront costs of physical handsets. The mobile app can be downloaded in seconds, so you don’t need to wait for hardware to be delivered and can get started straight away.

Grows with your business:

The mobile app makes it easy and cost-efficient to add users as your company grows. It’s as simple as installing the mobile app on your mobile device and adding them to your Cloud PABX.

Never miss a call:

The mobile app simplifies remote working and ensures business continuity by enabling you to make and receive calls whether you are at home, at the office or anywhere in between.


Calling (making and receiving calls), Extension dialling, Transfer & Warm Transfer, Call recording (in app), Three way calling, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), Voicemail integration

Low cost, flexible, easy to use mobile phone solution.

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