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Transmit Sms

Get a message straight to there mobile phone with Siptrix System's transmit sms. Text messaging gets the message across more effectively than any other type of media.

Transmit sms enables you to send & receive text messages from your web browser, email, or computer crm with either a shared number or dedicated number, so you can get the message across to your clients timely.

Whether it be messages for parents from there schools teachers, tradesmen or service businesses arranging appointment times, marketing for retail companies or weather or traffic warnings for local residents, transmit sms is the perfect way to get in touch quickly.

transmit sms.jpg


Transmit Features:

•    Web portal, Email or APII

•    Reduced Long Code reply cost

•  Enhanced message threading


•  Constant or unique sender ID 


•  8 Statuses for sms delivery  

•   Comprehensive reporting

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